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Configure Your Project

Enter your site information, upload utility bills and enter your strategic objectives through our secure user interface.

Access Multiple Project Analysis Dashboards

View results for all commercially available technologies. Customize your distributed energy project dashboard outputs for every system you desire to evaluate with our simple-to-use interface.

Find a Qualified Provider

We provide you with an independent, unbiased curated assessment of project developers that are a good fit for your project scope in the area of your site and facilitate Requests for Proposal.

Machine learning that supports distributed energy project analysis and development

With our SAAS platform DE DealViewTM, Distributed Energy Clearinghouse provides fast, professional analytics for solar and battery storage investments that inform the best decisions for your business.

We have extensive experience in energy analysis and energy markets along with expertise on generation and storage technologies. Our advanced analytics consider every available value driver in each power utility market.

A Robust Platform to Assess Projects

Our analytics platform, DE DealViewTM, provides our clients and subscribers with a secure and efficient means to scope and assess a project’s feasibility.

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Distributed Generation and Storage Technology Insights

Generation and storage technologies are evolving constantly, becoming more efficient and effective. Our research focuses on aiding understanding and decision-making for our clients and subscribers.

Perspective on Qualified Solution Providers and Developers

We interact with distributed energy solution providers and project developers on a regular basis.  This gives us unique insight into capabilities, pricing and value-added services.

Energy and Utility Market Intelligence

The leadership team has long experience in the energy and utility markets, including applicable rules & regulations, and in distributed energy, demand response and energy supply across all markets in the U.S.  This allows us to think like our clients and subscribers think.

How does it work?

Rapidly process complex data to inform DER investment decisions

Using your energy and site data, DE DealviewTM automatically generates dashboards that include equipment configuration, capacities, capital expenditures, and financial performance.

We also provide insight into value streams, value sensitivities and the key foundational inputs for a prospective project. This equips an energy manager or a salesperson with the information they need to speak competently about a project and its potential.

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Customize deal dashboards for solar, battery and engine configurations

As DE DealViewTM analyses are finished the user is notified and is able to configure a distributed energy system deal dashboard.

A number of standard components, such as benefits, capital expenditure and a savings/revenue graphic appear on every dashboard.

Access quantitative provider assessments and requests for proposal

See how distributed energy project providers stack up with our unbiased assessment and select which will receive a request for proposal.

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Content and News

Distributed Energy Clearinghouse or DECH provides software and services to support distributed energy investment decisions and project implementations.

Analytics + Software

Learn more about our analytics services and technology platform, including our Software-as-a-Service.


We support our clients and subscribers with customized advisory that fits their needs.


We post our views and observations on issues impacting the power markets and distributed energy.


Read our news releases and more detailed market, regulatory and technology assessments.

Frequenty Asked Questions

As of 1Q 2024 we provide analytics for the ERCOT, PJM and New York markets, and we are building capabilities to provide analytics for all markets by 2Q 2024.

For a project analysis in ERCOT or PJM the delivery time is 24 hours from the time you have delivered all required data files for a site.  If the project site is not in those markets, we will quote a time frame, but it will generally be less than three (3) business days.  We expect to be able to accelerate our analysis capabilities for Texas ERCOT, PJM, and New York markets to 24 hours or less by the end of Q1 2024. 

Our platform is built on highly scalable analytics technologies.  If you create a deal name for each distinct site and upload the required data files for each deal name, there is no limit to how many sites.

We assess investments in solar, battery and natural gas reciprocating engines to the extent that each is a commercially available option in a particular market.

The DE DealViewTM platform assesses and allows comparison of each project among a cash-purchase basis with or without financing, and from a 3rd-party-owned or power-purchase-agreement basis.

Our objective with the DE DealViewTM analytics platform is to provide a rapid and thorough financial analysis at a very low cost.  Our analysis is not an engineering grade feasibility study which would typically cost well into the five figures and take site visits and weeks of time.  We desire to help our customers initially qualify an investment opportunity and then facilitate a more involved process with qualified suppliers and developers.

We use several methods to obtain information on suppliers and developers, including our direct recent interaction on requests for proposal.  Out of respect for the confidential nature of some of that information, we only share information that the supplier/developer is comfortable with us releasing.  Confidentiality is paramount for both our customers’ information and that of suppliers/developers who look to Distributed Energy Clearinghouse to be a scrupulous and respected market intermediary.

We customize our fees to take into account the requirements of the customer or subscriber.  We desire to work with customers who have multi-site and multi-market requirements as well as smaller end-users and energy brokers who are trying to figure things out.  At the end of the day, we want to bring transparency to the market to help answer questions and accelerate investments in distributed energy systems.

Yes, if a customer has multiple sites or is in the business of working with customers with multiple sites, such as an energy broker would have, we can work together to tailor a solution that works for your business.

Take a guided tour

Contact us today for a no-obligation demonstration of our DE DealViewTM platform to determine if we can be valuable to your efforts at analyzing investments in distributed energy systems and a more resilient, cleaner, and lower cost energy supply.

We assist clients and subscribers with all crucial energy decisions to ensure value is delivered​.